New Build and Help to Buy

Anyone looking to buy a new build property may be eligible to access a Government backed scheme which is exclusive to the new build market.

Help to Buy in England is a mortgage scheme administered by the Homes and Communities Agency since its inception in 2013. It offers those who do not own any other property a 20% loan to supplement their own minimum 5% deposit when buying a newly built home for values of up to £600,000. This allows buyers to secure a property which they perhaps wouldn't have been able to afford and also gain a lower interest rate on the mortgage than would otherwise have been charged.

In addition, Help to Buy London (only available for properties in London) is similar to the Equity Loan scheme above, but the maximum equity loan is increased from 20 to 40% to reflect London prices.

We are able to access these schemes and advise on the most suitable product for your circumstances. It can be a complex area and an early consultation with one of our independent mortgage experts is recommended.

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