Household Insurance

Household insurance is designed to protect your property and the contents within in the event of some form of disaster such as fire, flood, theft etc.

It takes two main forms – buildings insurance and contents insurance.

Buildings insurance can be a compulsory product as it is required to be in place by all banks and building societies (as a condition of the mortgage before completion can take place) so that their asset (ie your home) is protected against an unforeseen event happening. Buildings insurance protects the structure of your home and any permanent fixtures such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Contents insurance protects your individual belongings, such as television, carpets, sofa etc from theft, fire, flood and accidental damage (if included).

There are also separate landlords policies which are bespoke to Buy to Let investors. Commercial Buy to Let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We are able to arrange, and offer advice, on the most suitable package for you.

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