The mortgage market has become increasingly automated in recent years, and alongside recent changes to regulation this has resulted in a “computer says no” position, leading to disappointment for many otherwise low risk borrowers.

Lenders interpretations of regulations can differ hugely but it is still possible to obtain a positive answer for most borrowers when buying a new home or looking to re-mortgage.

As a result of the difficulties in obtaining finance, over 75% of mortgages and re-mortgages are now arranged via a mortgage specialist such as Innovate rather than approaching a bank or building society directly.

We will provide a helping hand to customers who are in this position and come up with a solution which fits more individual circumstances, whilst acknowledging that changing lifestyles can mean that for one reason or a combination of many, the straightforward mortgage application is a thing of the past.

Examples of customers who may have experienced disappointment having been turned away by automated application
systems include;

  • First time buyers
  • Self-employed including those with less than 3 years accounts
  • Contractors
  • Limited company Directors/Shareholders
  • High value property
  • Low deposit/high loan to mortgage value
  • Late payments or historic problems with credit
  • Second property purchases
  • Unusual properties
  • Interest only mortgages
  • Borrowing into later life
  • Self-build properties


We normally charge a fee for mortgage advice, however this will depend on your circumstances.

If a fee is charged our typical fee is £345 or £495 for right to buy or adverse credit applications.


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