Mortgage Timeline

For many of our clients, getting their mortgage approved and offered by the bank or building society is a key priority. This is a joint process and the quicker documents are provided to us, the quicker we can deliver what is required.

Appointment within 24 hours

We can and do frequently meet within 24 hours. We will meet on an evening, during the day at your home, work or our office and also work weekends – we are able to understand your needs and advise what documents we need.

Product Recommendation within 24 hours

We source the whole of the market to find you the most suitable product for your needs. We act only for you.

Approval in Principle

This is where a lender will credit search you to see if you fit their criteria. We are able to do this as soon as the product recommendation is agreed and takes about 45 minutes.

Mortgage Application

The next step and done as soon as the Approval in Principle is agreed. At this stage we supply the bank with the documents they require – the sooner these are provided to us, the quicker we can action. The valuation is also instructed.

Mortgage Offer

The important piece of paper! We aim to obtain an offer within 14 days.

Our job is now broadly finished although we often liaise with the solicitor and lender on your behalf until completion occurs.

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