North East mortgage experts set to take the strain

    14 June 2016 | 11:06 AM

    Applying for a mortgage can be a complicated and stressful process but the launch of a new North East-based brokerage could ease the pain and could save clients time and money. Innovate Mortgages and Loans works across the market to find and arrange financial solutions for people who are looking to buy a property, save money on their existing loan or who might be looking at options th...  (Read More)
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    Landlords Beware - more changes are underway….

    23 May 2016 | 02:57 PM

    Landlords Beware - more changes are underway….   It’s been a tough few months for Buy to Let (BTL) landlords with various tax changes beingintroduced by the Government to slow down the BTL market and help more first time buyersenter the property market. As a result of these changes, and potential impact on the profitability of investment property,the mortgage market is now starting to...  (Read More)