Lender Standard Variable Rates – time to reconsider?

    08 September 2016 | 11:16 AM

    You may well have recently received a letter in the post from your current mortgage lender.   Good news it will say…….your Standard Variable Rate mortgage is likely to have reduced by 0.25% following the Bank of England base rate change in early August and your monthly mortgage payment will be reducing accordingly. Probably not until October though!   But, dig a little deeper, and is ...  (Read More)

    Second Charges/Secured Loans/Homeowner Loans – what exactly are they?

    02 August 2016 | 12:52 PM

    The above terms all describe the same type of loan – one that is secured on your home or buy to let behind your standard mortgage. So what are their uses and why is now a good time to consider them?   2nd Charge loans, as they are most commonly called, are undergoing a major change. Since March, they have become regulated in the same way as all other mortgages by the Financial Conduct...  (Read More)

    Brexit – what does it mean for mortgages? Is it time to consider remortgaging?

    20 July 2016 | 09:31 AM

    As independent mortgage specialists, as you can imagine, it has been a busy time answering clients’ questions since the recent decision leave the European Union. So what might it bring for all of us who have mortgages? It’s actually a very difficult question to answer………a bit like the whole exiting of the EU is generally extremely complex across all markets and sectors. Since the outc...  (Read More)

    Helping your children to flee the nest

    19 July 2016 | 04:08 PM

    There has been huge publicity recently regarding the age our offspring are managing to buy their first homes and / or returning to the nest later in life.   There are many ways in which parents can help their children, but not all will work for everyone. We have outlined below some of the main routes:   Guarantor mortgage – this is where the property and the mortgage are in the name o...  (Read More)