Brexit – Part 2 - what does it mean for mortgages? Is it time to consider remortgaging?

    14 November 2016 | 03:32 PM

    In July, we wrote a blog regarding how the referendum vote had affected the mortgage market and how we thought the landscape may look in the coming months.   So 4 months on, we thought it might be useful to have a quick review and see how things are looking.   In truth, it is still a very difficult question to answer but a number of trends are beginning to emerge. Once the vote to lea...  (Read More)

    Case Studies – below is a selection of some of the clients we have helped recently

    07 November 2016 | 03:51 PM

    October was a busy month for new enquiries and applications. All of the following mortgage offers were successfully received from mainstream lenders at prime rates, could we help you?   First Time Buyer – finished University in July and started a first job at the end of September. On receipt of the first full month’s wage slip, we secured the mortgage with only a 10% deposit as requir...  (Read More)

    Fame at last

    02 November 2016 | 09:08 AM

    We were delighted to assist one of our lending partners Virgin Money with a recent promotional video, my agent is still waiting for the offers to flood in, so it looks like mortgage advice remains the way forwards!    (Read More)

    Mortgage application declined? Don’t despair!

    28 October 2016 | 12:29 PM

    We are often approached by distraught property buyers who have approached their bank or normal mortgage provider only to be told “sorry – you don’t meet our lending requirements”. However, a full review of your circumstances and research across the market mortgage options can often provide a solution to rescue that dream move. Although the same set of mortgage regulations apply to all...  (Read More)