How much can I borrow?

    18 July 2017 | 03:44 PM

    One thing which often surprises our clients is the variety of different things which can affect the amount that they can borrow on a mortgage – and how the borrowing figures between certain banks and building societies can vary. It is a key area where a mortgage specialist can make a huge impact.   We would suggest the earlier that you discuss this in detail, the clearer you can be on...  (Read More)

    Help to Buy – is it right for me?

    11 July 2017 | 05:30 PM

    Help to Buy is a government backed mortgage scheme that was launched in 2013. It can only be used in conjunction with the purchase of a brand new property.   We are of the opinion that it is a well constructed product and can help purchasers to buy a new build property when their income may ordinarily have not allowed them to do so.   The scheme works for those who do not own any othe...  (Read More)

    Needing a fast mortgage?

    06 July 2017 | 02:18 PM

    We are often asked how quickly can my mortgage progress.   The speed with which we can arrange a mortgage is very much a team effort. If documents needed as part of the mortgage process are supplied to us in a timely manner, the timeline looks something like the following;   Appointment within 24 hours We can and do frequently meet within 24 hours. We will meet on an evening, during ...  (Read More)

    Case Studies – below is a selection of some of the clients we have helped recently

    12 June 2017 | 03:17 PM

    During May and early June we have been a busy with new enquiries and applications. All of the following mortgage offers were successfully received from mainstream lenders at prime rates, could we help you?   First time buyer applications are on the increase, which is an indicator that the lifeblood of the housing market remains confident in the face of often negative media reporting o...  (Read More)